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Name: Miss Mew Springs

Age: 19 as of 2.14
I am an artist
I ♥ life.
I am living with my best friend Shashi Diva right now.
I am single
I am a photographer
In the fall I am going to a brand new college. We will call it



Mew Springs- thats me
Katherine Springs- Mi Mum
Eloise Springs- My lil sis.
Justin Springs- My FAKE dad
Eric Fallon- My biological daddy
Jake Lancer- My ex
Aki Takahara- my best friend, who's gay.
Norman Baker- Aki's fiance
Skye Ravenheart- My friend, who just had a baby named Luna Iris
Ryan Simpson- Shashi's b.f, my friend, and also an ex of mine.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Listening to teardrops

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I woke up at 7:00 am this morning, listening to the sound of crying. Shashi was crying... According to her, Ryan has been shipped off to the grand ole state of NJ.

M: Jersey? Why Jersey?

S: I don't know, he said there's this play in NJ that he has to go to.. I'm so sad Mew!

M: I've never seen you this upset about a boy.. [I hug her] It'll be okay. Come on, I'll buy you a breakfast sammich at Soakin Donuts.


S: Mmkay [she gets dressed and we head out]

[We arrive at S.DONUTS and see a very large..]


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S: Is that a pikachu? 0_~

M: yeah


{and then a very funny little man in a tophat shows up]

Man: Well well well, I see you like my pikachu?

S: It's cute.

Man: well you can buy this kawaii dollie for just 19.95!

S: OOOH CUTE! I"LL TAKE IT [she buys the doll]

Man: BUY..I mean..bye!

[the man goes away]


Me: So weird.

SO we head inside, have some coffee and breakfast.


And we did nothing for the rest of the day



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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
New Mew [finally]

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No!! Don't fall asleep!

I promised I'd be back, and I am.

Miss Mew Returns: Thursday July 13th 2006

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I moved out of the attic, and I now share a flat with Shashi Diva. [My friend whom I met in photography class with Jake Lancer.]

Jake and I are over..

Skye had her baby named Luna Iris Ravenheart

My real father has come back into my life

And I will be coming back soon

Much love


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Sunday, December 11, 2005
I want to go back to believing in everything..and knowing nothing at all

Aki , Dominic and I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today.
It was awesome. Aki especially liked the part of the movie he has dubbed the
went to Applebees for some dinner. I was surprised to see Jake Lancer
there, at the bar. Alone. After ordering, I found nature to be calling so I
tried to slip away to the girlís room, un noticed by Jake. ...Jake noticed me.

J: MEW! Hi, what a pleasant surprise.
M: Oh hey Jake... I canít talk. I was just headed for the ladies room.
J: Oh okay then, go ahead I wonít keep you waiting.
And so I walk away, and when I return I come to find that Jake has ordered me a drink.

J: I know that youíre still underage, so I decided to get you a cream soda.
M: um look Jake. Iíd love to stay but I canít I---

I stop as I am interrupted by a hand grasping onto my shoulder. I turn around
and I see Aki and Dominic behind me. Aki does not look happy.

J: Oh hello Aki. Nice to see you again
A: Yeah whatever Jake. Stop trying to take Mew from us okay?
Itís not going to happen. She and Dominic are a couple now. Címon Mew..letís go.
M: Um Aki.. I can handle myself okay? Iím a big girl.
A: Fine .. Iíll wait for you outside.
The two leave and I am left alone with Jake. My ex love.
He smiles and nuzzles my neck
J: I miss you Mew.
M: Jake stop i. I have a boyfriend. And even if I didnít I wouldnít be with you.
Youíve broken my heart too many times...I..I wont be with you anymore.
Goodbye Jake.

And so I leave I leave him alone just like he did to me so many times.

Back at the car, I discover Aki has left Dom and I alone....

So after a few minutes of kissing-bliss, I look up to see that weíre being watched.

By Jake Lancer...

Soon I am saved from Jakeís haunting look when Aki comes back.

At home, Dominic and I fall asleep together, until I am woken up by the sound of a telephone ringing.
Itís Selene.
M: hello?
S: Mew.. [She cries]I am..Iím at the hospital.
M: Omg are you okay?
S: Itís not me... itís Jake.. he.. he tried to kill himself..and now he wonít wake up
...Selfish bastard... can you come down here?
M: Okay.. *click*

Jake is now in a coma
And for once.. I donít feel like itís my fault.

-UT Mew

Aki's Currenty Playing:
Urbz: Sims in the City

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

   Thanksgiving was a fun time. After my lil play, I was jumped. Dominic was there to help me though. He walked away from the incident with some scratches, but that's about it. Since then he's been staying with Aki and I in the attic. Yes, the ever changing circle of roomates still goes on.
Ah.. good times.  Anyways..
    The Dom and I have been pulling all nighters lately. We sit up and watch the entire seasons of Degrassi, Sex and the City, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Perhaps this is why my neighbor thinks Dominic is gay....[?] We do watch other things too ya know... Real Time with Bill Maher.. boy-y movies.
And no Mrs. Next door.. Dom is not gay.
    Believe me...Aki would know.
So anyways.. the other night Dominic and I went to a couples only dance. Yeah..I know.. we're not a couple [though I wouldn't mind it..] but we decided to break a few rules. So anyways.. Jake Lancer showed up with his new girlfriend Jessica M [YES that Jessica]. Yet he still hit on me..telling me how much he missed me. I wouldn't give in to it.

So yeah.. I've also started a new school program for Japanese lessons.
I g2g study!!



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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
I see you there...without a stare.. I see you there..dont u know..u belong to me

Since the last time I have written lots of things have happened.
After being released from the hospital, I kept a friendship with two others I met there. Dominic and Garnet. Jen and I had a fallout after Jen was caught cheating with Kali. Jen moved back into her parentís house and hasnít spoken to me since.
Dominic and I are doing well...and weíre still just friends.
After Jake Lancer taking me on an abusive, drunken wild ride, he finally check himself into a rehab clinic. After about a month of being there, he has been released. As for me, I am currently putting the finishing touches on this years Thanksgiving play called Angel Wings. This year, I get paid.
So what will happen to me now?

Never know.
Till tommorow..

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I'm Not Crazy

   I don't remember much from these past few weeks. Everything seems like a blur. Anti psychotics washed away all memory I had from my dream period . I'm sore from the bed I've been sleeping in...and my heart is burning. Jake Lancer doesn't love me anymore...I can feel it. He's become so cold.
I start group therapy tomorow ...I hope it can help me. I'm scared. Why did this happen to me? I no longer cry.... I've become numb. I'm so sorry I let you all down.


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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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Miss Mew went crazy. She's in the hospital now..but she'll be back soon.
She's been there for two weeks now.

We love u mew.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
running on nothing

The Japanese program is over now, when I got back home [Jakeís house] I expected to see some people waiting for me. Instead, I was greated by an empty house. Looking around I tried to find some sign of life. Finally I opened the living room doors and was surprised to see everyone looking so somber. The only people missing from the room, were Selene and Jake.

M: Whatís wrong with you all?
Skye: Mew...thereís something we have to tell you.
M: Go ahead, but I want to talk to Jake first.
A: Iím afraid you wonít be able to do that.
M: Why not?
[Selene walks in the room, tears running down her face]
Selene: Because...heís gone missing.

I freeze, feeling as though someone has just stabbed me in my heart.
M:...What?ím sure this is just a joke.. right?
A: Heís been gone for three days Mew, he wouldnít just take off like that....something happened.
Skye: The cops have already been sent out to look for him...but so far there are no leads.
M:...Three days.. Why didnít anyone tell me?
A: We didnít want to ruin your vacation time.
M: This canít be happening...[I stumble over my bags and head towards the door]
A: Where are you going??
M: A walk..

[I leave the house]

ďMy head is a mess.
My heartís on the line...
I feel my soul dying.
Crying now all the time.

Why donít you call my name??
When youíre alone..
Why donít you call my name?
When weíre on the phone..

Ai, Ai, Ai
love you so...Ē
-ai TNL

Walking down the street I feel alone.. how could this be happening to me?
This isnít supposed to happen to me.

I feel alone.

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Watch the sun, let it rise as its burning in your eyes. Take his hand, lead him in.. let him know youre ready...for the sin.

Let Him In

I heard a noise coming from the window late one night. Opening my eyes I saw two silhouetts next to the window sill. Grabbing my flashlight I shone the light on the two and saw Angelina's eyes glaring back at me.

A: Careful where you point that!!

M: What are you doing Angi?

A: Shhh! I'm sneaking my boyfriend in.

M: What?!! You could get into major trouble for that!

A: That's why... [She pulls Travis in the window] you're not going to say anything...okay?


A: Ai!!!!! Thank you so much! [She hugs me] I'll pay you back, I promise.

[They leave the room]

The next morning I awoke to the sounds of shrieking.

M: Oh what now...

One of the girls from the younger program had discovered a mouse in the yard and was screaming her head off. You could hear the counselors trying to console her.

C1: Its just a mouse!!


C2: Nothing to fear honey...

Just then I smelled something burning . I turned around to see Yoshiko [my other roomate] with a hot plate in our room, stir frying noodles.

M: 0-O?!!! NANI?!!!

Y: Oh good morning Mew, would you like some noodles??

M: We're going to get in so much trouble! We're not supposed to have hot plates in the dorms!

Y: Oh okay... fine.. the counselors here are such bakas.



Y: Class time I guess ^_^

[I rush to class]

The rest of the day is spent avoiding Angelina, who for some reason keeps giggling her head off.


The rest  of the week was filled with laughter, field trips, and insanity.

I've got to get to my workshop now..


ps. today was the last day =[

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